What Men Should Pack for a Cruise, Resort and Holidays?

When it comes to vacation wear, women often have plenty of options to choose from. What about the men? Regardless of the travel destination, there are certain wardrobe necessities that men should consider for cruises or resorts which may not be needed for other types of holidays.


In case you're questioning what proper cruise or resort attire entails -- or maybe you're helping a husband, father, son, partner, or a male friend with their packing -- we've gathered comprehensive list of stylish vacation packing tips...


No vacation is complete without a good pair of swim trunks. When it comes to cruisewear for men, opt for a pair of swim trunks that are both stylish and functional. For the resort wear, while lounging by the pool or the beach, you'll want to be comfortable and stylish. In addition, pack a few pairs of lightweight shorts or linen pants, along with some breathable t-shirts or polo shirts.

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What's the acceptable dinner attire for men during casual nights?


Whether it's the main dining hall on the ship or a specialty restaurant, men are advised to wear collared shirt and long trousers. Jeans are usually fine on casual nights, and on some lines, like the always relaxed Norwegian Cruise Line, a nice dress shirt is also acceptable.

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Are formal nights still a thing? Will I need to bring a tuxedo?


Formal nights on most lines don't mean black tie. Most major cruise lines hold formal nights, usually twice on a weeklong sailing. These days, the theme is more "dress your best" or "elegant" than strictly formal. Men can get away with a button-down, long-sleeve shirt, khakis, nice shoes and no tie. On more upscale lines, guys should pack a suit or at least a sports jackets and slacks. Ties are usually optional.

What you can't wear, according to the dinner dress code on most lines, are bathing suits, cutoff jeans, sleeveless shirts and baseball hats.

Shorts are an ambiguous, often frowned upon option for evening attire. Most dress codes won't specifically prohibit shorts, leaving it up to the individual. A pair of chino, pleated or linen shorts can suffice for a more refined look, especially when paired with a collared shirt. Cutoffs, denim, cargo shorts and sports shorts at any seated, table service dinner are a no-go.

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What are the best cruise clothing and accessories for men?

  • A classic floral shirt
  • A shirt for days in port such as linen shirts
  • A pair of travel pants
  • A pair of sandals for most occasions
  • The ideal layer for cool nights on deck are jackets
  • Water shoes to protect your feet.
  • As for shoes, sneakers can be permissible on nonformal nights, but footwear like beach flip-flops are often prohibited.
  • Gym wear if needed

Do guys need to dress up on theme nights?


Popular theme nights are wide-ranging, though the most recurring are tropical parties (floral shirts encouraged), '80s nights and white nights (all-white attire)., gay cruise, music cruise, pirate night or costume parties so be prepared if you are into theme parties...


The best men's cruise travel accessories

  • Water bottle
  • Hat/cap
  • Sun protection
  • mini bag
  • Sunscreen
  • A stylish watch, sunglasses and belts can add a touch of personality to your vacation outfits.


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