5 Styles that Go Well with Flannel Shirt (Men's Style Guide)

Fashion trends come and go; we all know fads are of common occurrence. But, one must agree that Flannel shirts have made a tremendous comeback and are definitely here to stay. They can be worn in multiple ways in various combinations, and hence are a versatile piece of clothing. We will discuss some of the ways in which men can wear these Flannel shirts, to bring out their best and look absolutely stunning.

For those who don't know what a Flannel Shirt is

Among the many different types of shirts that are available on the market, Flannel is truly a classic. It is made out of soft flannel fabric which is usually a product of cotton or wool. These are typically characterized by being affordable and increased comfort, for they are ideal for warmer climates.

They have forever been on the fashion scene and people wear them in various styles to accommodate for changing fashion trends. Furthermore, the versatility allows people to wear this shirt in more than one fashion and hence, you can wear the same shirt in different ways without people noticing.

Check and Plain Flannels

Check flannels are usually what comes in mind when we talk about flannels, and yes there is no doubt that it is the check-variant that is tremendously popular around the world. But there is also the plain flannel shirt, which is in a class of its own.

The check flannels are ideal for a casual appearance while the plain flannel is for when you want to portray a sleek and smart loo

1. Sleeves Rolled Up

One of the most common ways to wear a flannel shirt is to go for the ever-attractive rolled up sleeves style.

Flannels look really nice this way. They bring a sense of casualness and represent a good dress-sense. This style has been really popular in culture and is readily available in the markets. You can get your favorite flannel at Treffort Shirts.

2. In Combination with Jeans

Flannel can be worn in different styles, and pairing it up with a pair of good old jeans is a fashion statement that will never run out of flair. It brings together smartness, finesse, and luxury to your personality and resonates positive vibe only.

A brown belt and brown shoes with this combination is bound to further uplift the look, and make you stand out from the crowd. Tuck in your shirt, and augment your style.

3. Layered Sweater and Shirt

Treffort Shirts brings luxury dress shirts to its customers, and you can check our complete catalog right here on our website. Pick out your favorite flannel or any other dress shirt that you like.

Another style that has really caught on in public is that of layering the flannel with a sweater. Sweaters and flannels make a lovely couple, they bring together a combination so refined that makes a man look his best.

4. The Unbuttoned Flannel Shirt

Another classy way of donning the flannel shirt is to wear it in combination with another T-shirt underneath while leaving the flannel shirt unbuttoned. It tells people about your openness and outgoing nature; it is a nice attire to wear any day of the week.

The era of the unbuttoned flannel is here for quite some time now and celebrities are spotted, now and again, wearing this brilliant piece of garment.

5. Colored Flannels

Flannels are not just suited for one or two colors, and that is the beauty of these shirts. They can be found in many colors and in many combinations; you can check them out at Treffort shirts as well. You can go for the brown and black checkered flannel, or those that are available in maroon and black.

Similarly, there is the blue and black combination and also red and black. So, basically you have a lot of variety to choose from and trust us you won't be running out of colors to choose from.

Find Flannels at Treffort Shirts

So, as you can see flannels are highly flexible when it comes to fashion. You can wear them in various styles and pair them in a number of combinations. They are popular everywhere around the world and are easily spotted in popular magazines and celebrity photos.

If you want to purchase flannels, be sure to choose the right size and look. As mentioned before, the check flannel is better for a casual look while the plain flannel is ideal for a more luxurious outfit. Hopefully, if you wear the flannel in any of the styles mentioned above, you will definitely impress and catch attention. 

But that does not mean that you should shy away from experimentation, try out a new style with your flannel shirt, and test it out according to different situations because that is what makes Flannel shirts stand out from the rest.