Men's dress shirt size

Being smartly dressed is an appreciated quality. People tend to like men who dress well and take care of how they look. Moreover, good clothing has always been the highlight of the workplace and other casual social gatherings. So, it is essential that you start taking it seriously.

If you are wearing a poorly fitted shirt that is of the wrong size for your body, then it is safe to say that it is nothing short of a fashion disaster.

Why is Dress Shirt Size Such a Big Deal?

Do you care greatly about your fashion? If you answer yes, then the generally and fitted size of your dress shirt should be of great concern as well. 

With a rough idea of your measurements, you might be able to just pull it off, but why take the risk when you can have accurate measurements? It is known for a fact that dress shirts that are worn according to size with excellent fitting are considering the best option for almost every setting. So, why miss out?

Furthermore, Treffort Shirtshave a comprehensive online dress shirt size chart for you to refer to and select the size that fits you best. It is simpler than ever and will help in enhancing your overall look.

Contemporary vs. Slim Fit: What's the Difference

Another critical difference worth mentioning while we are discussing men's dress shirt size is the distinction between contemporary and slim fit dress shirts. There are people who don't have an understanding of this and thus end up making poor fashion choices.

Let's first have a look at contemporary fits. These dress shirts are what is normally referred to as regular fit shirts. These are more of a relaxed fit than their other counterpart. It narrows down at the chest and tapers down as you move towards the waist. The contemporary fit dress shirt gives off an elegant and vibrant feel while keeping you relaxed in your attire.

Now, let's move onto the slim fit dress shirt. These dress shirts are a tighter fit than the contemporary fit shirts. The slim fit shirt is much narrower in the chest and further tapers down as you reach the waistline. There is very little extra fabric on this type of shirt, which thus helps you flaunt your body shape in style.

So, you must be thinking… What's the verdict here? The answer to that is that it's subjective. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences. So, it's up to you to decide whether you go for a slim fit or contemporary fit shirt.

How Do I Understand Dress Shirt Sizes?

Treffort Shirt offers luxury dress shirts in five different sizes for contemporary and slim fit shirts, respectively. These sizes and proportions are chosen after a good amount of research to make sure that customers find exactly what they are looking for.

The five sizes for contemporary fit dress shirts are small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large. These have been abbreviated according to common standards as S for small, M for medium, L for large, XL for extra-large, and XXL for double extra-large.

The shirt sizes are labeled according to their neck, chest, sleeve, and waist proportions. For example, the large size contemporary fit shirt has a neck size of 16" – 16.5", a chest size of 45.5", sleeves are 35"-36", and a waist of 44". Other shirt sizes are proportioned accordingly so you can choose the right size for yourself.

As for the slim fit dress shirts, they are also categorized into five sizes, which are small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL), and double extra-large (XXL). However, there is a difference in the measurements of contemporary fit and slim fit shirts.

Slim fit shirts are narrower in the chest and waist, while the proportions for the sleeve and neck remain more or less the same. For example, a large dress shirt (L size) in slim fit will have a waist of 42" and chest of 42" – 44", while the proportions for sleeve and neck remain the same as that of a contemporary shirt.

The Choice is Yours

So now, it is your decision entirely whether you want to go for a contemporary fit or slim fit dress shirt. If you like relaxed fit dress shirts, then contemporary fit should be your go-to option. On the contrary, slim-fit dress shirts should be your preference if you are into a sleeker fit.