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A love for fashion, family, and quality.

Quality menswear at an accessible price point is extremely difficult to find. Garment industry veteran Sue Hofer came to this realization while shopping for shirts for her husband and son. Recognizing that discerning men of style want something that is not only of the highest quality, but looks good too, she leveraged her experience and Treffort was born.

Exclusively for stylish, confident and ambitious individuals, Treffort combines exceptional fabrics made from the finest Egyptian and Turkish cotton with bespoke details to create fashionably timeless men’s clothing at an accessible price point.

Treffort is designed to match the versatility of the modern man’s lifestyle from the boardroom to a lounge or weekend getaway. Combining world-class craftsmanship, exceptional fabrics and limited-run designs, it’s the perfect intersection of style, comfort and luxury.


Our Values

  • Slow – Quality over quantity, slow fashion means carefully considering sourcing and processes to create a superior product. It takes longer, but it’s worth it.
  • Timeless – An eternal style married with exquisite design and exceptional details
  • Quality – Unmatched quality for discerning men of style.
  • Customer-centered – Impeccable service to ensure your satisfaction
  • Detailed – Well-made, durable attire, with an attention to nuanced, bespoke-level details.
  • Value – There is nothing comparable at our price point. Shirts of similar quality retail at more than $300.
  • Limited – Small batch production to ensure your wardrobe is unique.