Checkered shirts every man needs in their collection

Deciding on what patterns to wear can be tough especially with all the choices you have for shirts and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. In case you are stuck in the decision process, let us be of some help.

Blue/ Multicolor Slim Fit Check Shirt

If you are looking for a premium athletic-fit shirt that you can wear with a suit or untucked with jeans, the multicolor slim fit check shirt is a great addition to your wardrobe. The medium-pattern with ultra premium cotton lets you wear it with a variety of solid or micro-patterned ties and suits. The blues, greens, and reds make it a shirt you can wear year-round with khakis or untucked with slim fitting cotton shorts in the summer. 

Slim Fit Modern Check Shirt

If you are looking for some modern designs with a slim fit, this Check Shirt in red and blue should be in your cart. These are made from exclusive Turkish cotton grown in a specific region and specially woven for a soft touch that you have to feel to understand. It’s a perfect blend of luxury and versatile design you can wear with a suit or jeans. The shirt comes with our signature neck piping, details in the placket, and cuffs that speak to the skill of the tailors who make each of our shirts by hand.

Contemporary Fit Flannel Check Shirt

Containing 16 stitches per inch and French placket the Contemporary Fit Flannel Check Shirt in red or blue strikes a tasteful balance between lumber jack and lawyer. While it is flannel, the yarns we use are very finely twisted so it's not chunky but feels and hangs like a dress shirt. It's ideal for wearing in colder weather business meetings, vacations, or a night around the fire pit when you care as much about style as you do warmth. The contrast fabric on the cuff and collar are details you can show off or keep hidden depending on how you want to wear it.

The Twill Check Shirt

Our Twill Check shirts in three colors and two fits are the go-to shirts you didn’t know you needed. Also cut in our exclusive Turkish ‘meander’ cotton, these fit and feel as amazing as they will look when you wear them. Whether you’re a slim fit navy/red or contemporary in navy/blueor navy/brown the fabric weight is specifically engineered to wear year-round. The colors and patterns along with our signature details balance sophistication, style, and versatility that you can wear to the office or family gatherings. Just keep our rule of patterns in mind. When wearing with a suit and tie, make sure the size of the pattern in your jacket is visibly larger or smaller. Not the same.  A good rule of thumb is 2 solids or textures (solid colored tweed, houndstooth, heather grey, herringbone or twill for example) to 1 visible pattern.

These are some of the options available to you to add to your wardrobe. Besides, all of these shirts are made with pure cotton and comes with durable resin buttons. If you are still unsure about the decision, then choosing from the other options in our store might be the way forward.