How to pick a classic white shirt?

Choosing the perfect classic white shirt is an art form. This timeless piece of fashion is more than just a wardrobe staple—it's a symbol of versatility, elegance, and simplicity. From crisp, clean pressed twill to casual oxford button-downs and breathable linen blends, the classic white shirt has secured its place as a go-to item for any man. Whether it's summer's heat, autumn's crisp air, spring's fresh bloom, or winter's chill, a classic white shirt from Treffort will ensure you’re stylishly prepared. Here, we will guide you through selecting the ideal white shirt for any occasion, making sure you look your best with minimal effort.

The Essential Wardrobe Staple

White fashion evolves, but the essence of the classic white dress shirt remains unchanged. It's an indispensable part of every man's wardrobe. Whether you're dressing for a formal event or a casual day out, the right white shirt can elevate your look. It's about finding the one that suits your style and the occasion. Here, we'll explore how to make this timeless piece work for you, ensuring it's the friend that never lets you down.

Understanding the Fabric and Fit

The first step in choosing your white shirt is understanding the fabric and fit that will best suit your needs. A clean, pressed twill is perfect for those who prefer a crisp, formal look. For a more relaxed setting, an oxford button-down offers a casual yet sophisticated appeal. Linen blends, on the other hand, are ideal for warmer climates, offering breathability and comfort without sacrificing style. The key is to ensure the shirt complements your body type and the occasion's formality. A well-fitted shirt can make all the difference in your overall appearance, enhancing your confidence.

Versatility Across Seasons

The beauty of the classic white shirt lies in its versatility. Treffort offers the perfect shirts for any season, ensuring you're well-equipped year-round. A lightweight linen blend is your best bet for summer, providing comfort and style under the sun. In winter, opt for a heavier twill that can be layered under sweaters or jackets. Spring calls for a softer, breathable fabric that transitions smoothly from cool mornings to warm afternoons. As autumn arrives, a sturdy oxford cloth will keep you comfortable and stylish. Remember, the right white shirt can adapt to any setting, from the boardroom to the bar, making it a true wardrobe champion.

Styling Your White Shirt

Now that you've selected your perfect white shirt, let's talk about styling. The classic white shirt serves as a blank canvas, allowing you to experiment with different looks. For a formal occasion, pair it with a tailored suit and a silk tie. Heading to a casual meeting? Roll up the sleeves and pair it with chinos for a relaxed yet polished look. The versatility of the white shirt means you can dress it up or down, depending on your accessories and outfit choices. It's all about creating a balance that works for you.

White Shirts with Denim

Our Contemporary Fit Twill Shirt with contrast inside collar, placket, and cuff details can be paired with any color or washed denim jean and a blazer or untucked with jean shorts. From the most distressed and bleached outlook to darker and formal washes.If you’re vacationing or live in a warm weather climate our White Cotton Linen Shirt  blend is perfect for a day at the beach, casual Friday at the office, or evening out.

White Oxford Shirt with Chinos

Our Contemporary Fit Oxford Button Down Shirt(tucked in or untucked) compliments any color chino you have. The traditionally preppy look and fabric gets an update with our Treffort details. Unless you are a math teacher from the 80's don’t wear a tie with this collar. A slim fit blazer or fun cardigan with loafers, boat shoes, chukkas, or slip-ons is a great look.For a more fashion-forward look keep it buttoned all the way up and worn with wider legged trousers and white trainers.

White Twill Shirt with a Formal Look

Our White Contemporary Fit and Slim Fit shirts are the perfect choice for anything from a business meeting to black tie event. This should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe. No matter what color or pattern, a white dress shirt is like a blank canvas to do whatever you want when it comes to the suit, shoes, belt, tie, or trousers you wear with it. Just make sure you get the right fit! We’ve got both to make sure you look your best.