Smart Casual Tips Everyone Should Know

Dressing appropriately is something that troubles most men. We all want to look great but few of us know what it takes to look stylish. Something that should not be taken lightly when it comes to the perfect wardrobe is the dress shirt for men. Here are some smart casual tips that you need to know.



Color is the first thing that we all notice. The color you wear can send different messages to everyone including whether you are outgoing or not. White is the most common color that people wear, but sometimes we need to be more creative. Reduce white dominance and go for colors such as blue and red. Lavender and gold are as well unique and stylish. Try to blend them with different trousers and shorts.



The men’s dress shirt can take any pattern however simple you think it is. Try to play with weaves as patterns are what make common colors look different. Collar styles can speak volume about someone’s sense of style. Stripped shirts are less formal but great. If you want to look great, add colors such as pinkand maroon to improve the hues of your shirt. Do not be intimidated to try striped shirts because they look great as casual wear.


Blends vs Cotton

This is a battle that has been here for decades. Both options are awesome, so it depends with your personal taste for dress smart for men. There are those who arguethatwearingtheir of two options depends on place and time.However, it all depends with your needs and sense of style.

Blends are a great option for anyone working in an air-conditioned room, but these shirts are pricey. Cotton is a good option in hot places and if you have plenty of cash. The best tips for casual dress shirts are to buy well-fitting shirts, avoid showing wrinkles, match your outfits, and choose unique patterns.

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  • Jignov on Nov 12, 2019

    Fantastic list and i have got so many little tips from looking at them to use on my own site…Thank you so much for this!

  • Chris Harrison on Nov 12, 2019

    I liked your colour section where you have mentioned that one should not rely on only one colour so try adding red, black and lavender and many other bright colours.

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