Sustainability in Men's fashion

Since the early 2000's the rise of fast fashion and social media has helped change people’s attitude toward clothing. Think about a recent purchase. How long are you planning to keep it in your wardrobe? Most of us have been duped into viewing clothing as a short-term disposable commodity. 

We all live and use the same resources and should all be concerned about environmental sustainability. At Treffort we are committed to ensuring future generations are not left dealing with the effects of a careless industry. Through careful stewardship of our fiber sources, fabric, and production we are always reevaluating how we can make our footprint even smaller. Our model for sustainability incorporates the following elements:

  • The Treffort collection is produced using recycled water and eco-friendly dyeing techniques.
  • Using natural fibers such as linen and Meander cotton harvested and milled by SÖKTAŞ we reduce the amount of pollutants that find their way into the ocean.

Tiny synthetic fibers are turning up in all bodies of water, from the world’s oceans and rivers to residential tap water. And just like on land, these fibers are not biodegradable. New research in Royal Society Open Science found that the deepest trenches of the Pacific Ocean contain synthetic fibers, and the particles were found in more than 80 percent of the marine crustaceans which serve at the beginning of the marine food chain.

On the other hand, cotton is made of cellulose, an organic compound which can decompose relatively quickly. According to Close the Loop, a guide for the fashion industry, on land cotton degrades between one week and five months. In water, a cotton shirt degrades 86 percent in freshwater and 67 percent in salt water, per a study by North Carolina State University.

Treffort shirts are built and designed to last, from the careful selection of fabric to our intentionally designed details, all unique yet subtly timeless. No matter what trends come and go, our shirts will remain as we're not just designing for your next business meeting, we're designing for your lifestyle.