Top 10 men's fashion rules to follow

Top 10 Men's Fashion Rules to Follow

Fashion is more than just buying new clothes and outfits. It's about having an appropriate dress sense, an understanding of modern trends, and combining the different elements together in a way that dazzles and anyone who sets their sight on you.

In a way, fashion is not too different from a piece of art, and in this article, we will discuss the ten fashion rules that you need to follow in order to really ensure that your Treffort Shirt becomes the star of the show.

1. Invent Your Style

The concept, the idea, and the inspiration begin with you. You need to discover who you are, and how you wish to be perceived by others. So, gear up… because it's time to rediscover, experiment and reinvent your style.

In order for you to accomplish this, you have to pick up something you wouldn't wear on a normal day, mix up your style a little and break off from your daily fashion style. Treffort Shirts offers a number of designs and options to help you re-invent your fashion. You can explore the Treffort Slim Fit Sakura Print Shirt, Treffort Contemporary Fit Rosewood Print Shirt or the Treffort Slim Fit Pheasant Print Shirt just to name a few.

2. Be Expressive

When it comes to luxury fashion wear, it is imperative that you let loose and express yourself to the fullest. Stand up straight, maintain a good posture; there is no room for fear because even the best clothes don't cover broken confidence.

Be ready for the limelight, don't shy away from all the attention and be natural, because that is what expression is all about.

3. Wear What Fits

Unarguably the infallible rule in men's fashion is to wear what fits. Fitting is the most important aspect of your outfit. Never wear anything that is either loose or tight.

Regardless of the brand, if the fitting is off then even the best clothes don't impress.

So, one of the first things you need to be concerned about is the fitting of your clothes. Avoid investing in a dress shirt that cannot be adjusted to fit your body type.

4. Don't fall for Short-term Fads

Another key fashion rule is to always buy items that stay in fashion for a longer period of time.

Falling for short-term fads will tarnish your high-end reputation and will only prove to be a financial burden in the long run when the fad runs out. You should always buy clothes that remain relevant, stylish and classy for a prolonged period of time.

5. Select the Best Quality

There is a famous saying that goes something like, "It is expensive to be poor". You need to understand that buying cheap isn't cheap in the longer run. You should opt for premium brands and flawless quality because such buying proves worthwhile in the long run.

Wearing best-quality clothing from premium brands like Treffort Shirts is the way to go, don't settle for less. Save up, buy once, but buy the best.

6. Mix and Match

Another rule to follow is to test out different outfits… mix and match your current wardrobe, try new colors, try monochrome and reuse your current collection of clothes in various ways. Try dress shirts with your favorite dress pants or your finest denim; work different combinations, and always get a second and third opinion.

7. Tucking in Shirts and T-Shirts

Tucking in your shirt is vital for a sleek, executive look. But you should never tuck in your t-shirt in your pants. It isn't cool, it isn't stylish and it does not look pleasing at all. T-shirts are designed to be casual; they aren't supposed to be tucked in. The only exception to the rule is when the T-shirt is worn under a dress shirt.

8. Dress According to the Occasion

The last thing you want is to over-dress or look awkward at a gathering or event. You should have an idea about the occasion beforehand and manage an outfit that goes with it. Dressing too elegantly at a casual meetup or too casually for an executive gathering will

result in nothing but a rather unpleasant experience that will be felt based on how people react to your fashion choice for that occasion.

9. Shop For Clothes You Can Wear In Combination with other options

Buying pieces that cannot go with any other clothing in your wardrobe is a waste of money and space. As an individual with a fine taste for high-end fashion wear, you need to be extremely aware of what you select to add to your current collection. Avoid clothing option that is not wearable in different combinations.

10. The Plain White Shirt

If you aren't able to settle on an outfit then go for the timeless option of the plain white shirt because it can match with almost anything in your wardrobe. One such collection that fits the bill is the Treffort Shirt’s Oxford Collection.

There is something for everyone here, and in case you're struggling with your outfits, head to Treffort Shirt’s home page to start shopping for creative and elegant collections. If you need some fashion inspiration, you can visit the gallery section for some style guides.