Why Premium Dress Shirts Are Better Than Basic Button-downs to WFH

As the global battle against the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, businesses, entrepreneurs, employees, and freelancers are trying to cope with the challenges of this new arising situation. With offices, coffee shops, and public spaces closed because of government lockdowns as part of measures taken for social distancing, people's professional lives have been severely disrupted.

When it comes to working from home, people have traditionally expressed conflicting opinions. However, now it is no longer a matter of choice, and you have to work from home whether you like it or not.

There is no question that your dressing contributes to your professional temperament and mentally prepares you for work. But, how do you dress for work when you are working from home? Do we go for premium dress shirts as opposed to their casual counterparts? Or is the usual basic button-down good enough to get the job done?

Pros of a basic work from home dress shirt

Well, there are two factors that put basic WFH dress shirts at a clear advantage. First of all, you probably own it already, which makes it highly convenient for you to pull it out of your closet and put it on when getting ready to work.

Secondly, these dress shirts are typically less expensive.

Cons of a basic work from home dress shirts

The obvious downside to wearing home dress shirts is that they do not come off as particularly professional, and give off a more casual vibe. Furthermore, they tend to be a bit uncomfortable, which can decrease your productivity and performance.

"Clothing is a form of self-expression -- there are hints about who you are in what you wear." (Marc Jacobs)

Pros of premium work from home dress shirts


The premium work from home dress shirt is definitely worth your money, for it looks amazing and eye-catching, thus serving its purpose as a fashionable thing to wear. It brings out the best in your personality and reflects your true self.

Such dress shirts are the perfect attire to wear when working remotely. These dress shirts are usually of a higher quality when compared to the cheaper counterparts. They have a more comfortable fabric than the cheaper alternative, hence offering a greater dressing experience overall.

Cons of a premium work from home dress shirt

There are some demerits with the premium dress shirt as well. First off, the price is usually higher than the cheaper and low quality alternative. Luckily, Treffort Shirts collections are priced slightly lower than other premium brands.


Premium dress shirts should be washed in accordance with the instructions provided on the label. This is standard practice for premium dress shirts. Some designs will require dry cleaning while others will require gentle wash and dry to ensure that the dress shirt does not lose the look and fit.


Premium work from home dress shirt from our collections to wear at home

In such trying times, Treffort Shirts has made an effort to introduce some ideal choices when it comes to dressing effectively when working from home. Our latest collection is a rich mix of colors and prints which make for great premium work from home dress shirts. There are plenty of options to choose from, which are bound boost confidence, comfort and productivity.


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